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Main Group Chemistry Lab

IISER Thiruvananthapuram


Our research focuses on understanding the structure and bonding in reactive main group compounds, stabilization of unusual coordinate modes, activation of inert chemical bonds, and Lewis acid catalysis. Curiosity-driven research in isolating reactive main group cations comprising magnesium, zinc, aluminum, antimony, and bismuth has led us to explore their potential as Lewis acids in catalytic transformations.

   News & Events

  • Sandra and Anjana has joined our lab to pursue minor project. Welcome on board!

  • Congratulations Sheetal for her recent publication in Inorganic Chemistry!

  • Congratulations Dr. Rini Prakash for her recent publication in Inorganic Chemistry!

  • Poorna Gomathisankaran, IPhD-2022 batch has joined our lab.

  • Congratulations Annabel for her recent publication in Chemistry-A European Journal!

  • Congratulations Deepti for successfully defending her thesis on "Primary and secondary interactions in main group Lewis acids: reactivity manifested at antimony center"!

  • Dr. Rini Prakash joined as Publishing Editor, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Office, UK.

  • We successfully organized the International Conference on Main Group Synthesis and Catalysis-2023 at IISER TVM from February 9-12.

Latest Publications

We demonstrate the catalytic role of aluminum and boron centers in aluminum borohydride [(2-Me2CH2C6H4)(C6H5)Al(μ-H)2B(C6H5)2] during carbon dioxide hydrosilylation. Preliminary investigations into CO2 reduction using [(2-Me2NCH2C6H4)(H)Al(μ-H)]2 and [Ph3C][B(3,5-C6H3Cl2)4] in the presence of Et3SiH and PhSiH3 resulted in CH2(OSiR3)2 and CH3OSiR3, which serve as formaldehyde and methanol surrogates, respectively.

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